Minifigs by MINIFIGS.ME

So who are MINIFIGS.ME? is a great little website I stumbled across while scrolling through instagram one day!

Here is the link if you don’t want to read on and just want to get straight over there and have a look for yourself!

Below I will show you a little snip of what they offer over at MINIFIGS.ME

They offer a great range of customised minifigs. From TV characters to your favorite musicians!

As you can see from the photos in this section they can customise torso’s of minifigs…


Feeling artistic? Draw your own minifigure design onto our special template and we will print it onto genuine LEGO minifigure parts.

What more can be said? Leave it to your own imagination (and doodling skills)!

One of my personal favorites from the MINIFIGS.ME website has to be This awesome version of Ezio they simply call this one Leap of Faith.

Get over there and see for yourself use this link it helps me and the running of this website if you make a purchase with this link 🙂