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This page is for my good buddy Greg. The man behind the Brick Post.

If you can hold your excitement. Read on to find out why I support THE BRICK POST. Also check out the little money off code in this article just for going there via here!!!

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The news can range from new sets to reveals of what is still to come from LEGO. So be sure to check it out regularly!

After a very blurry image found in an online catalogue we finally have an off look at the new LEGO Creator Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent (31132)!

The set will consist of a respectable 1,192 pieces, it also releases 1st June, so not long at all until we can get our hands on this trip down memory lane celebrating the LEGO Vikings sets of old.

It features the main build of a Viking Ship and a Serpent, but being a 3-in-1 set you’ll also have the choice of building a Viking House or a Large Wolf. Which one will you build? Let us know in the comments below.

The retail cost isn’t too bad either coming in at just $119.99, roughly converted to around £105/£110.

A small snip from the BP about LEGO sets yet to come.

Read the news in full here.

On to my favorite section of

The Reviews… Greg quite simply puts every ounce of effort into his reviews and they grip you right from the start and just have to read to the end.

When this set was revealed by LEGO I knew it was going to be a hit with many fans, LEGO and Marvel alike. It makes for an awesome display piece and it’s so strong and well built you can actually swing it around and recreate poses from the movies whilst looking cool doing it! This review may be a tad on the short side as although it’s a big scale set the 979 piece build contains just 5 numbered bags and a lot of repeated steps. Make sure you read to the end as there are details of a competition exclusive to this review. The box has the 18+ Adults Welcome branding on it and I must say it suits the Hammer well, as the plain dark background really let’s this set standout. The addition of the lightning surrounding it is spot on and gives you a sense of the Power that comes with it Inside you’ll find just 5 numbered bags which surprised me for a set of this size and price, £104.99. Also inside is an instruction manual, this however is quite thick and looks more in keeping with bigger sets.

A snip of the review for LEGO Thor’s Hammer Mjölnir (76209)!

Here is where I tell you about the Brick Post’s shop!!!

The Brick Post has a small shop where you can get the current Brick Post signature custom Lego tile.

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The custom inserts!

What is a custom insert???

This is something that is a little bit rare, but oh!!! That little bit special!

The custom insert is an amazing product which is designed and taylored to your own taste! you just contact The BP via the shop and let them know what you want they will then go away and create something that just fits you and your SigFig perfectly.

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